Since 2011 we have been using a new technology called the SMILE to treat myopia.
The SMILE technology uses the ZEISS VISUMAX femtosecond laser to correct high myopia between -3 and -10 dioptres without the necessity of cutting the corneal flap (We do not use the excimer laser in this technique).

Two incisions are created in the cornea by the femtosecond laser: the first is deep and the second more superficial to demarcate a small corneal lenticule. Thereafter the lenticule is extracted through a small incision of about 3 mm resulting in the thinning of the cornea in the centre to correct myopia.

The SMILE technique offers many advantages:

  • The lack of a corneal flap reduces the risk of a flap displacement (when the eyes are rubbed)
  • Better eye stability and less risk of the recurrence of myopia
  • Less probability of having a dry eye

The SMILE technology is becoming the standard treatment to correct moderate to high myopia. At present, high astigmatism cannot benefit from this technology.

The alternatives to SMILE laser treatment are the following:

  • Photorefractive Keratectomy is scarcely recommended in the case of high myopia, but better suited for people with thin corneas
  • “Classic” Lasik treatment in which a corneal shutter is created using a microkeratome
  • Phake implant treatment
  • Ablation of the natural crystalline lens and fitting an artificial implant which replaces the crystalline lens (not really recommended before the age of 60)
  • Femtosecond treatment: femtolasik

Rare complications of the femtosecond laser treatment are as follows:

  • infection, inflammation or abnormal healing of the cornea
  • deformation (ectasia) of the cornea responsible for irregular astigmatism
  • light haloes, dazzle
  • ocular dryness

Last update: 13.11.2013

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