Presbyopia (farsightedness/longsightedness): surgical solutions

1. The Laser

A well-proven technique for presbyopia is the « Presbyond Laser Blended Vision » treatment of the company Zeiss and developed by Professor Dan Reinstein in London.

This method applies mainly to all wearers of eyeglasses who have become presbyopic: hypermyopic, myopic, astigmatic. It can also work for persons not wearing glasses and who have good distant vision in both eyes (in this case the situation is more delicate and tests conducted in the Clinic can enable us to determine if the operation is feasible).

The « Presbyond Laser Blended Vision » treatment consists in privileging one eye for distant vision and the other for near vision. The specific nature of this treatment is that it allows good intermediary vision for e.g. the computer screen that is normally placed at a distance of 50-60 cm. You can consult a document edited by Zeiss and available in English.

Before proposing such a treatment, tests are carried out in our Clinic to ensure that you can accept your new eyesight (80% of patients « pass » the test and can be operated). In general, this treatment is well tolerated since our visual system is highly adjustable and adapts easily to new visual conditions.

However, if you do not tolerate your correction for presbyopia, it is possible to reverse the condition and correct both eyes solely for distant vision. This is one of the advantages of the « Laser Blended Vision » treatment.

2. Implants

If you suffer from cataract, the operation consists in removing your crystalline lens, which has turned opaque and replacing it with an artificial crystalline lens. The « classic » implant allows you to see distant objects without your glasses, but you would need them for close vision. For patients wishing to do away with their glasses, there are « bifocal » implants which allow patients to see near and distant objects without glasses.

It is also possible to operate using the bifocal implant technique for patients who do not have cataract. In this case, French social security does not cover the operation and the entire cost has to be borne by the patient.

Last update: 01.10.2013

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