Practical information

You’ve made your decision, you wish to undergo surgery for your vision defect. Congratulations !

Our staff will do their utmost so that the different stages of the surgery are performed under the best conditions. 

Here is what you need to do:

  1. If you wear contact lenses : DO NOT WEAR THEM FOR FIVE DAYS (for soft lenses) or 3 weeks (in the case of rigid lenses) before the fundus examination AND before the operation.

  2. If you call Dr FERRARI’S clinic to make the appointment for the fundus examination, MAKE SURE you tell the secretary that the appointment is for a “PRE-LASIK” fundus examination".

  3. This pre-lasik fundus examination lasts roughly an hour and a half, after which YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE and will need to be accompanied.
    During this examination you will first be seen by Elodie our orthoptist who will carry out certain additional indispensable tests (visual acuity, refraction, topography, aberrometry, pachymetry, measurement of pupil diameter) after which she will prepare you for the eye dilation. Once the pupils are well dilated, Dr Ferrari will check you and discuss the different aspects of the operation with you.

  4. After this consultation, we will fix an appointment for you with Laurent Morin "Coordinator between the Surgeon and the Hospital, with whom you will undergo some additional tests at the Ste Odile hospital, 6 rue Simonis 67100, Strasbourg Neudorf.
    It is also in this hospital that the operation will be performed.

  5. We request you to come on the day of the operation after having followed the instructions below:
    - don’t be on an empty stomach or you risk hypoglycaemia at the wrong moment
    - eat at regular hours
    - come accompanied for the entire duration of the operation and also for your
       return home
    - do not consume alcohol before the operation
    - do not wear any make up on the face
    - avoid wearing hair accessories
    - avoid eating chewing gum
    - don’t apply perfume

    The operation lasts about half an hour, the preparation taking the most time. The laser treatment only takes a few instants during which you will need to focus on a red blinking light.
    After the operation, we will give you a pair of protective sunglasses that we advise you to wear for at least 2 weeks after the operation. We will also give you two plastic covers that you would need to wear for a week after the operation during your sleep. You can fix them with the surgical tape prescribed to you. You can use them immediately after returning home and we advise you to take a short nap for the period that the eye irritation lasts (about 3 to 4 hours).

  6. Some precautions to be taken everyday after the operation:
    - do not rub your eyes during two 2 months following the operation
    - avoid dusty areas
    - use sunglasses to protect your eyes
    - avoid swimming in the sea or swimming pool during 3 weeks
    - close your eyes under the shower during the first week
    - do not wear eye make-up during 10 days before and after the operation.
    - avoid touching your cornea with plastic eye drop containers, get assistance if
    - make sure you take the right number of eye drop instillations prescribed to you
    - wait 5 minutes between each drop
    - in case of a problem, you can contact Dr Ferrari on his
       cell phone: 06 80 27 89 71

  7. For your information, this operation is not reimbursed by French Social Security, but most additional insurance companies do reimburse a part or even the entire cost of the operation. If this reimbursement seems insufficient, you can request for a less costly health care file (or social health care file) from your mutual insurance company.

  8. On the evening of your operation, Dr Ferrari will check you again in his clinic where you will pay for the operation.
Last update: 07.07.2013

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