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You have chosen to get operated by means of a refractive implant to correct your eyesight problem.

Prior to the operation, you must come to our clinic for a thorough examination. This examination, carried out in our clinic with the assistance of Elodie, our orthoptist, would enable us to determine the power of the implant to be fitted into your eye. Bear in mind that this visit will last long (approximately 1h30) since a complete file will be handed to you by one of my assistants.

The operation will be performed in the Adassa Hospital located at place de Haguenau, which has an excellent outpatient surgery department inaugurated end 2008.
To prevent the implant from increasing your eye pressure, two laser sessions will be performed before the operation. Drops will not be put in the eye for these two sessions. A minor discomfort may be noticed after the laser treatment, so you are advised not to drive and be accompanied.

The operation will be performed as outpatient surgery (you come to the hospital an hour before the operation and you can leave an hour after the operation). Somebody would need to take you home and you are not advised to stay alone in the evening of the operation. The operation lasts roughly 20 minutes and anaesthesia is topical, i.e. you will not be unconscious and no injection will be administered around your eye. A simple anaesthetic gel will be applied on your eye ten minutes before the operation.
A check-up must be scheduled at our Clinic in the same afternoon after the operation and also the following day.

The implant I use is an ICL of the make STAAR. These implants are used to correct severe myopia, hyperopia and severe astigmatism. 

If you notice in the hours or days after the operation, a deterioration in vision, redness or pain that does not diminish with the drops prescribed, or a pupil (black area in the centre of the eye) that is no longer round, don’t hesitate to call up the Clinic or
Dr. Ferrari at 06 80 27 89 71.

To end on a lighter note, a free photo of you and your surgeon will be proposed after the operation. This will help you leave the operating room in good spirits with a souvenir of an experience that many patients qualify as unique.

Last update: 07.07.2013

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