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A cataract operation has been decided since it is no longer possible to improve your vision by simply changing your glass lenses of.

3 days before the operation you must come back to our clinic for a biometry examination. This examination, carried out with the assistance of our orthoptist Elodie, would enable us to determine the power of the implant to be fitted into your eye. Bear in mind that this visit will last long (approximately 1h30) since a complete health care file will be handed to you by one of my assistants in addition to the biometry examination.

To make things simpler, do not forget to bring the list of medication that you usually take in order to save time.

The operation will be performed as outpatient surgery (you come to the hospital an hour before the operation and you can leave an hour after the operation). The surgery will be performed at the Adassa Clinic in Strasbourg.

You can reach Strasbourg by plane from the airports of London. There are daily flights between London and Strasbourg. You can also reach the airport of Baden-Baden, which is close to Strasbourg.

Here are some hotels located close to the office:
Hôtel Ibis:         Click here
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Hôtel Mercure: Click here

The operation lasts roughly 10 minutes and anaesthesia is topical, i.e. you will not be asleep and no injection will be administered around your eye. A simple anaesthetic gel will be applied on your eye ten minutes before the operation. If you are under anticoagulant medication, it won’t be necessary to stop the treatment as the operation does not involve any bleeding or injection.

A check-up in our clinic should be scheduled 3 to 15 days after the operation. The prescription for your glasses will be handed to you at the last appointment.

For the cataract operation, there are several types of implants. In most cases, we will select an implant that will enable you to see far without glasses so you would need glasses to see near objects. The opposite is also possible (make you myopic or leave you with your myopia) so that you will require glasses for distances but not to read. If you are very astigmatic (irregular cornea), there are implants today that can also correct your astigmatism. Lastly, there are also implants (bi-focal) that can correct your presbyopia: unfortunately these implants are not suitable for all patients and are costly in relation to standards implants. Furthermore, these bi-focal implants could cause night halos (glares brought about by headlights at night) and a small decrease in vision of contrasts.

Astigmatism is an optical defect in which vision is blurred at all distances due to the irregular shape of the cornea. Programming an implant to correct astigmatism involves complicated calculations at the clinic and fitting of this implant in the eye requires more work to be carried out than for a “standard” implant, thus accounting for the additional cost.

If in the days following the operation, you notice a deterioration in vision, redness or pain that does not decrease with the drops prescribed, please contact the clinic or call Dr. Ferrari at +33 680 278971.

Last update: 16.11.2015

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