The operation

For the anaesthesia: no injection, only drops!

The operation is almost always performed in the same manner: the opaque crystalline lens is removed and replaced by an artificial lens (intra-ocular implant). The ophthalmologist measures before hand and very precisely the power of the implant that has to be placed in the eye. This calculation is done using an ultra-sonic device, or better still, by means of an optical appliance which measures the length of the eye and the rays of the corneal curvature. Before the 1980s when implants were not used, people needed to wear big glasses after removal of their crystalline lens.

Only one eye is operated at a time. If the other eye also has a cataract, the second operation will be performed at a later date.

Generally the operation takes place using a technique called phacoemulsification. A small incision of less than 2.5mm is made at the junction between the cornea and the white of the eye (the sclera). Through this incision a very small part of the crystalline lens membrane is first removed. Thereafter, by means of a an ultrasonic device, the cortex of the crystalline lens is softened and then suctioned out. The remaining capsule of the lens is used to support the intra ocular implant. The implant, which is made of an elastic and transparent material is then inserted into the eye through a small incision. It begins to unfold gradually in the eye and is placed in the former crystalline capsule.

Since the incision is very small, stitches are not necessary.

The intraocular implant remains in the eye for life, in other words, it wont be necessary to remove or change it.

Standard implant (yellow or transparent):


Toric implant for astigmatism:


Multifocal Implant for presbyopia:

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